About Us

Cerebral Works, Inc., is an investment research and asset management firm. We provide in-depth and actionable research to institutional and retail investors and traders.

Our Investment Research focuses on identifying areas of market outperformance for short and long term. We evaluate intermarket relationships, consider leadership shifts and analyze long-term macro historical perspectives and conceptual ideas. We put special emphasis on risk management for capital preservation. The output of our research comprise of actionable reports that include identifying “Buy and Sell” opportunities for short and long term investments objectives.

The core components of our Investment Management include ‘Portfolio Composition’, ‘Trading Strategies & Systems’, and ‘Risk & Money Management’. Our broadly diversified portfolios comprise of equities, stock indices, currencies and commodities. Our Investment Style & Strategies takes disciplined risk management approach in applying quantitative and trend following trading models. We rely on global diversification across multiple sectors and asset classes to eliminate sharp fluctuations in the portfolio risk and values.

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