Seasonality Trader

Cerebral Works’ Seasonality Trader Service provides you with ‘a distinct market edge’ that you can use to generate great returns while keeping the overall market risk exposure low. It is ideal for you if you want to be active in the market but have limited amount of time to spend monitoring market events and activities.

Our Methodology

We first analyze the market’s seasonal tendencies and behavior to identify a tradable opportunity, including the favorable time period to enter and exit the trade. Next, we select instruments with best potential to exploit that opportunity. Then we apply technical analysis techniques to determine best times and price points to enter and exit the trade. Then we use money and risk management practices for position sizing and risk mitigation. Finally, we map the general market attitude to decide whether to enter the trade or not.

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What You Will Get?

We provide you with actionable trading opportunities. Each of the opportunity that we identify spells out favorable entry and exit periods, the probability of success, entry and exit setups and signals. We also provide tips and techniques for risk and money management.

The service provides you with a number of newsletters every month, which includes:

  • Monthly Newsletter: This is a detailed market research paper with the fundamental, monetary, technical and psychological analysis of the markets covered. It looks backwards – previous month – and forward to identify various possibilities and pitfalls facing an educated reader. Our motto is forewarned is forearmed and the objective of this detailed market research is provide our readers with useful information and analysis to make informed decisions. Then we review the tradable opportunities available and our strategies to exploit those opportunities.
  • Weekly Newsletter: This shorter version of the monthly edition presents the market analysis on the weekly time frame.
  • Periodic Missives: These are sent out as and when required. Usually, they are issued before an impending trade signals – entry or exit.

What Will Be Your Return?